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Thread: LI users w/ V1

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    Default LI users w/ V1

    The weather finally broke, and during my first road trip with the LI I got hit 3 times.

    Two out of those three time the V1 alert went off ~1 to 2 seconds before the LI alert. Is that normal?

    My V1 is high on the windshield and the LI heads are up front, and not obstructed in anyway.

    Is there a slight delay between when jamming begins and when the alert is played?


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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    Yes, there is a slight delay in the audio Alert but the LI Jams IMMEDIATELY!

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-UK

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    As Cliff said this is normal. The V1 will almost alwats alert first, but the LI is jamming away. Sometimes it seems like forever when you know you are being targeted.
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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    Thanks guys.

    Great product!

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    Yeah it jams otherwise you would get a ticket, my LI alerts instantly why do some people have a delay?

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    I've only had one lidar encounter since installing the LI and V1. The V1 didn't go off at all but the LI sure did. In that instance, I wasn't overly concerned, as the V1 was mounted high and the encounter was around 500 feet, maybe less. I would assume the beam was very tight and narrow at such a short distance and not enough of the signal made it up to the V1.

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    This is typical. V1 audio alerts first followed by the LI audio alert a few moments later. But the LI's jamming sequence is immediate.

    Speaking of alerts, what I like about the LI (beyond its excellent jamming capabilities) is that it discriminates between true police lidar and all other "interference" very well. It's very rare to get a "jamming sequence is activated" audio alert unless you are actually being targeted with police lidar. My V1, on the other hand, just loves to alert me to laser several times a day along my route when no police lidar is present. I understand it has to be very sensitive because it is designed to detect scatter.

    It is however nice to have both the LI and the V1. I use the V1 for it's great radar detection but also as a lidar "confirmation" device if you will.

    This happened just yesterday in NH while I was traveling to Quebec.

    I was lasered after coming over a hill at an initial distance of close to 2,000 feet (a very straight, long stretch of road. At first I could barely see the officers in the breakdown lane).

    The V1 alerted first followed by the LI a moment later ("Kustom Pro 2 (or 3?) jamming sequence is activated...." My speed was 84 mph in a 65 mph zone. At that distance I just downshifted to 4th and began to slow with light braking (no heavy braking to prevent sudden nose dive). As I slowed I was hit 2 more times and the V1 and then LI alerted each time. When I got to about 68 mph I turned off the LI. A few moments later I got the last laser hit as I approached the officers (now only 500 feet ahead) and the V1 alerted.

    That last alert I got from the V1 after shutting down the LI tells me that: LI jammed successfully, I did NOT jam to gun, and the officer finally did get his reading (after I slowed to PSL and when I wanted him to get the reading ; )

    The LI and V1 are an excellent combo. Don't worry about the LI audio delay.
    The jamming is immediate.

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    Chech this out !!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by interceptor View Post
    V1 support is enabled from 7.09 and the way to use it is to connect V1 DIRECTLY to LI rs232 via provided cable. V1 is getting power suply from LI and send to LI a warning singnal. LI CPU recognises warning signals from V1 and warn with it`s voice skinable warnings. INside settings for LI you can select bands for wich you want warnings to be anounced (ie you can filter out bands) also this type of interface is designed for V1 remote install so it is as stealth as possible...

    Spoiler: show

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    so there is a V1 to rs232 adapter, and the LI will know what the v1 is sending it?

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    Default Re: LI users w/ V1

    Pardon Ivan's English. What he is saying is that the 7.0.9 uses the LOGIC from the V1 relayed via the LI's RS-232 to determine which RADAR Band(s) the V1 is Alerting to and uses this Data to activate the RADAR Voice Alerts in the LI.

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-UK



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