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    Default Laser Interceptor Basher

    [ame=]YouTube - Laser Interceptor connections with testing group exposed[/ame]

    Who is this guy? He makes this video look very personal, is he a LI competitor? I've come across his website before however is there any truth to his accusations? As many of the LI owners on this forum would confirm I've heard nothing but amazing things about the performance of the LI, even the dual system. He mentions that if you go on to any jammer forums that there will be masses of unsatisfied customers with defective LI product, which I don't agree with. I've only seen a couple of threads about defective product, it's technology, rather inevitable to have a couple of lemons here and there. This guy goes as far as accusing GOL of completing extremely biased testing, although they claim to run nothing but non biased controlled testing. I'm contemplating purchasing LI fairly soon, but dudes like this also makes you double question the idea.

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