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    So the LI is installed on the challenger.. driving this morning i came across the local cop who uses laser .. he was in one of his usual positions....but he had only just backed in and was getting his gun out of the trunk so i made a u turn and went back up the hill and came back around.. by that time he was ready and the alert did go off..... it is just so hard to have confidence in the LI until i get it tested so i was only doing 5 over the psl initially .....when i got to work i wanted to see if anyone was willing to go back and drive my car at 20 over the psl to see if they were pulled over but i could not find any takers.. o well

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    wait for some one speeding and time it to go by at the same time. if it works you should have protected the other guy too. if you are close to him it should defiantly give you a better idea if it works or not. if that doesn't work then the other guy gets the ticket.



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