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    Default LI and HID Headlights?

    OK, got my LI all installed. Seems the system wants jam continually when my headlights are on. Is this normal?

    Also every start up is says sensors 3 and 4 are bad or not connected. I am only running two heads up front. Is there a way to disable the warning about the other 2 sensors that are not connected?
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    Default Re: LI and HID Headlights?

    PM and email sent.

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-Canada/LI-UK

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    Default Re: LI and HID Headlights?

    What do you mean your system wants to jam continuously with your HID lights? What is your LI saying besides "Sensor 3 or 4 are not connected or bad"?

    To your sensor 3 or 4 question I am not sure the solution but I am sure there is one.

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