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    Default How long LI jamming while V1 laser alerting

    Well was finally tagged by LEO with my LI install the other day. First time since I installed it a couple months ago.

    Had no idea until I heard the LI warning and then my V1 going off like a Chistmas tree.

    But wanted to ask question - Is the LI audio warning supposed to go off continuously while being tagged by LEO and the LI audio warning message just loops?

    I thought I heard the LI audio warning once or twice when tagged and then I didn't hear it again. During this time after it first went off when I didn't hear the LI audio warning - the V1 laser alert went off again.

    I haven't been able to test my LI install - wondering if this was punch through hence LI audio warning not present but V1 laser alert.

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    Default Re: How long LI jamming while V1 laser alerting

    It's impossible to know what happened on the LEOs side of the gun. That's why we test against each other, not LEOs. Also, learn to shut your LIs off once you have adjusted your speed.



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