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    Default LI Install Sugesstions

    So I've had my LI sitting in the basement for over a month and a half (just haven't had the time to have it installed) and would like to get it done over the long weekend. I don't have the personal installation skill necessary, although it does look quite simple, however a family friend is willing to help with the installation who's who I could call "savvy" when it comes to installations.

    One thing I'd like to confirm is the difficulty of installing them. I have the LI dual system (Gen8) and would definitely rather invest the 5-$600 to have it professionally installed if I'm going to ruin my car (2006 BMW 330i).

    Any suggestions on placement of kill switch/CPU appreciated as well.

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    Default Re: LI Install Sugesstions

    Email sent with a recommended installer in your area!

    Happy Easter!

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-Canada/LI-UK/LI-SA



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