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Thread: LI vs RLC ??

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    Default LI vs RLC ??

    What effect, if any, does the LI have on laser activated red light cameras (RLCs) ???

    I was stopping for a red light and the RLC's laser fired and set off both my LI and 9500ix. This was my first LI encounter/alert after installing it this weekend.

    The LI sounded a siren and then said something that I could not make out (sounded like " *** pro life").

    So my question is, was the LI shifting/jamming the RLC ??

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    Default Re: LI vs RLC ??

    Sounds like it's a speed-on-green camera using a Kustom Pro-Lite laser for measurement. If so, it should have jammed the speed measurement, but no effect on the camera itself.

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    Default Re: LI vs RLC ??

    Quote Originally Posted by poolmon View Post
    (sounded like " *** pro life").
    Kustom Pro 3 or Pro-Lite.

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    Default Re: LI vs RLC ??

    Yep, uses Pro 3 like lenses to determine speed and distance(?). That's what we have down here.

    As I-forgot-who-said-it said, you may jam the unit as it tries to read your front grille, but it'll probably get a reading on your roof or hood, especially because of the angle at which it shoots you.

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    Default Re: LI vs RLC ??

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