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    Default New LI Power Switch

    I'm trying to replace the standard LI power switch with a smaller rectangular one for a better fit in my car. Right now I have a 'kill' switch connected between the +12V power lead to turn it on and off, with the standard power switch tucked into the dash.

    I've shopped around to find a lighted power switch with a slim rectangular switch (to fit in my already cut 1 x 0.5" hole), but all I can find is switches with 3 power leads (ground, +12V, and load). The LI switch has 4 leads - I can't find any SPST switches like that. Is it some sort of SPDT or DPST? Can I use the normal 3-lead switch somehow? Any advice (with or without wiring diagrams?) I have a small amount of electrical experience but this one has me stumped. Thanks.


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    Default Re: New LI Power Switch

    Email me directly at and I will be happy to assist you.




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