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    Default Awesome customer service

    Just have to let everyone know that Cliff ROCKS!!!

    I have never had better customer service from any company than I did this past month from Cliff from LI. From the ton of emails that he responded to in minutes answering all of my questions before I bought my jammers, to the speedy delivery of my purchase and the continued correspondence after the sale, I cannot say enough nice things about Cliff regarding my purchase.

    Cliff, thank you!

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    Default Re: Awesome customer service

    The man does not sleep!

    Having met his wife, I find that curious!

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    Default Re: Awesome customer service

    Cliff is outstanding!

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    Default Re: Awesome customer service

    A fellow rep I work with here, had an LI issue with a customer, e-mailed Cliff and was astounded on how quickly Cliff not only got the issue resolved, but how easy he made it and how nice Cliff was.



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