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    Default LI vs PL III jam alert

    I was wondering if there are plans to defeat PL III jam alert sound?

    It seems like nowadays cops are aware of that jam noise it makes when it's being jammed and use that as grounds to pull people over, seems to be an important issue to address.

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    Default Re: LI vs PL III jam alert

    PL III doesn't have a "jam alert sound" per se, its tones are somehow tied to the pulses it receives back. Jammer pulses cause it to sound "different" since there's more pulses being received. But unless you actively test the gun against a jammer and listen to it, you're not going to know what jamming the gun sounds like.

    I'd have to play with my gun to see if other, more mundane things can cause a similar response from the gun, such as HID headlights, sunlight, etc. Much like the JA-3 codes on LA guns that false like crazy, it's possible (and likely) that a particular tone pattern on the PL3 isn't a 100% accurate indication of being jammed.

    Also, as long as you JTK reasonably quickly, a LEO won't be aware that they're being jammed. It's a combination of the odd locking tones plus the inability to get a speed that clues a LEO into the possibility their gun is being jammed. Sweeping the gun, causing errors will likely cause a similar delay and tone characteristic as a jammer.
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    Default Re: LI vs PL III jam alert

    Don't see Amy issues If you kill the jammer within 5-seconds.

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    Default Re: LI vs PL III jam alert

    Well, here's a post I was referring to:

    Virginia Jammer Users - Have you been pulled over?

    apparently, the cops are becoming aware of jam tones their guns make and make decision to pull people over based solely on that, even in JTK scenarios.

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    Default Re: LI vs PL III jam alert

    HID headlights at night will cause the same sound for a second or so. A LEO would have to be careful making a stop at night based on "sound"!! I doubt he has an certified training to make that a probable cause for a traffic stop, of course it's then in your court to try and beat!
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