Was on the "express lanes" which in reality are just two normal highway lanes with less entrances and exits. I had a rabbit in a white truck in the right lane, but I was in the left. (This is technically a 5 or 6 lane highway, but 2 are express lanes and the other 3 or 4 are standard, there is a median between express and normal lanes.

Both of us were probably about 15-20 over PSL. I was in the left starting to overtake the rabbit as there were more rabbits ahead.

LI went crazy and my 9500ci started beeping, I hit the brakes and JTK'd very quick - I'd say this encounter was no more than 800 ft and possibly less, coming over a small rise. The LI didn't run long enough for me to even hear the gun announcement, so however long of a time that is multiplied by my speed would give us distance.... I didn't see the LEO right away, I believe the rabbit was blocking my sight. I think this may have also helped beat the trap as well.

LEO didn't pull either of us over, so maybe he was being generous, or he couldn't get an established history on a single car, not sure, but it still counts as a "shot-for-no-ticket" in my book.