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    Default LI buzz

    Every so often when I pass a couple of locations the LI emits a low level intermittant buzz. This is not a false. The lady never speaks. I am sure that it is not caused by a distant LEO because one of the places that it makes this buzz is on my dead end country road.

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    Default Re: LI buzz

    It's a ghost o0

    Jk, lol. It might be some static in the area and the cpu box or the ground wire might be affected. I'm sure Cliff will help you out.

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    Sounds like strong RFI if it occurs in the same place(s).


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    If it isn't in the same places... it could also be your phone trying to receive signal signal as you move area-to-area and it hits off different tower(s)... they have always been known to cause issues with other electronics (most notably speakers)... but I remember VR saying older phones would cause an X-band false in the V1 etc.

    Or as aforementioned... it could just be outside RFI if it's always the same place.



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