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    Default About to take the LI + V1plunge

    So I've had a V1 for a long time, and want to finally add LJ to my setup, and this forum has convinced me to go with the LI.

    So I can connect the LI to the V1, so I only have one item in the car for info?
    And let's assume I'm tagged, I slow down, and I should then kill the LI. Will this be done by flicking off the V1? If so, that's great, nice and easy, only one thing to worry about.

    Also, if I install it myself(not sure I will), I think it'll be easier with one of the Cheetah wireless setups. If I am correct above, will I still only be dealing with the V1 in my vehicle, and doing the on/off from the V1?

    Thanks in advance for any help guys.

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    Default Re: About to take the LI + V1plunge

    You have made a wise choice, THE best radar detector and laser jammer out there




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