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    Default Making LI install modular (RJ-12, etc.)

    My car is sometimes loaned to other family members for extended periods and is also left in open-air(port) parking lots for a couple of days a few times a year. In these cases, I'd like to be able to remove the LI heads without having to go through the trouble of removing/reinstalling trim, seats, fenders, etc.

    I'm an EE and know my way around making modular cables, etc. and have the proper crimping tools. The obvious way is to buy 6-conductor cable and run it through the firewall on the front and the trunk in the back, and use either jacks or a female-female coupler to connect to the LI head cables. Two questions:

    1. Is the additional length (about 8-9 feet max) going to affect signal propagation to the heads in any noticeable way?
    2. If so, or maybe just for neatness sake, say I clip the LI head cable at 3-4 feet and crimp a new connector on. [Cliff:] Assuming I do it all right (smooth side towards the top of the connector, etc.), will this affect warranty?

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    Default Re: Making LI install modular (RJ-12, etc.)

    1) No, adding that short additional length neither affects the Warranty nor has any significant affect on sensor performance. Indeed, our rear sensors are manufactured with an additional length of cable vs. our front sensors.

    2) It will NOT affect the Warranty however, you do want to maintain the waterproof integrity of the cable. A coupler located outside the environmentally protected confines of the interior (cockpit) of the car, may allow the introduction of both moisture and contaminants, road salts etc; that may degrade the electrical integrity and which in turn, affects the sensors function. There are specialized weatherproof couplers available, all very expense, but short of these, we do not recommend any connections made in the sensor cables other than those made inside the protection of the dry cockpit.

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    Default Re: Making LI install modular (RJ-12, etc.)

    Thanks, Cliff! I think the front will go on as-is, and with the rear I'll couple just as soon as it enters the cabin from the trunk.



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