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    Default First Save with LI

    I definitely imagined my first save to be different than the way it happened...

    I was on my way to work today, it was early in the morning, dark, rush hour. The exact time when you think there would never be a speed trap besides photo radar, one lone leo in a cruiser was hanging out on the side street ahead.

    It totally surprised me when I got hit, but nonetheless the LI worked perfectly alerting me to an UL20/20, and with a quick JTK I got to enjoy looking at the leo as I passed him instead of looking at him as he walked up from behind my car.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Thank you Cliff!

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    Default Re: First Save with LI

    Very nice save! LI ftw!!

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    Default Re: First Save with LI

    Nice save.

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    Default Re: First Save with LI

    nice save. im looking forward more and more to getting mine installed.

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    Default Re: First Save with LI

    Well done on the JTK!!! Nice save.
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    Default Re: First Save with LI

    Nice save. I have yet to be lasered since installing a LI.



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