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    Default Where to get my grill cut?

    So I have the LI dual temp mounted. They are not straight or anything. Pretty much useless currently. Im in NC till the end of december. Anyone wanna help me cut or should I go to best buy or something? I have NO tools at my home in GA, at my other house in GA I have everything....not here I even have to borrow a neigbhors car ramps to install my rear sway bar tomorrow. lol. So anyone kno what they're doing and wanna help for a case of beer or something. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM DOING?? Im 30 min from Charlotte, NC on Lake Norman...and ill come to u. THanks so much!

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    Default Re: Where to get my grill cut?

    Quote Originally Posted by sx4dude2013 View Post
    should I go to best buy or something?

    Anybody who knows what they're doing doesn't have to work at Best Buy. Be patient and find someone to help or a reputable shop.



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