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    Exclamation [LI Quad] Does this method work?

    I got two laser heads left over because I can't figure a good spot on the rear of my miata, I may have to put those two laser heads on my Honda Civic

    Question one: Does this method work? Place a plastic bar/strip as base mount which goes between the rear bumper and the plate. Laser heads will screwed or stuck on the plastic mount.
    Question two: How do those two cables go inside the car? (Not sure A. is going to work or not.)

    The plastic I mentioned looks like this:

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    Default Re: [LI Quad] Does this method work?

    To answer question one you may have to drill a hole. You may also have to use silicon around the hole where the cable penetrates the body to keep water out. You maybe able to get away with having your jammers there on that car because it has such a small rear end but the only way to tell for sure is to test it.

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    Default Re: [LI Quad] Does this method work?

    try putting piece of plastic over plate and mount the heads that way.

    problem tho with that is you will not be protecting the taillights very well.

    testing it is key to knowing if will work

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    Default Re: [LI Quad] Does this method work?

    See if there is a grommet for the wiring to the license plate light. That's where I went through on mine.
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    What option(s) are presented with the trunk overhang where the LP lamps are located? The same entry points for their wiring seems to be a viable option albeit the sensor wires would need to be routed through and parallel with their wiring and along the trunk lid support pillars to access the cockpit which is already supported for the LP lights. This is how my install is done.


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    I like Cliff's idea.
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