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    Default Static sound from LI speaker

    I just installed my LI dual set up Friday night and thanks to won hunglo and other Texas Forum members I was able to test and redo the sensor placement to make it actually work lol.

    My concern is that on my way home from the meet, two separate times both lasting a second or two, I had a static sound coming from the LI speaker which reminded me of when someone used to have a cell phone next to desktop computer speakers and received a call. It was brief and only happened the two times, Ive driven about 100 miles since then with no issues, any idea what could have caused this and if I need to be worried?

    8.8 Version LI Duals with no external speaker and the cables for said speaker were wrapped around the CPU.

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    Default Re: Static sound from LI speaker

    Mine does it when I put my Nextel phone near the wiring or CPU. When I say near I mean within 3 feet!!
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    Default Re: Static sound from LI speaker

    As Cat4 said, this is likely RFI from a cell phone/Bluetooth or it may be a corrupted voice file. If it cannot be determined to be RFI and it keeps occurring, email me and I will get you out a replacement CPU.


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    Default Re: Static sound from LI speaker

    I had my iPhone within 2 feet or so of the CPU, so that may
    Be the culprit. I will keep an eye on it and let you know if anything else arises. Thanks cliff for the fast and great customer support!!



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