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    Default LI unknown false alert (10-12 seconds)

    Hello All,

    I have LI quad (bought on Dec. 2010) on my TSX. I usually kill the LI switch before turn off the ignition, but I did not do that when I parked my car today. When I start my car after 30-40 minutes later, LI(Woman voice) said "Custom....max....cord two....." It went about 10 seconds and I did not get a chance to hear everything. I am going to have my cell phone ready for few days so I can record the voice.

    So have you guys ever heard something like this?


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    Default Re: LI unknown false alert (10-12 seconds)


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    Default Re: LI unknown false alert (10-12 seconds)

    Never heard that on mine either.

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    Default Re: LI unknown false alert (10-12 seconds)

    Me neither, but I bet it's due to the power surges/fluctuation that occurs when you start the car. Do you have it wired into an accessory circuit that cuts out when you turn the key to "start"? If not, I recommend you do. It'll help prevent issues such as this, plus help prevent damaging the LI.
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    Default Re: LI unknown false alert (10-12 seconds)

    Check if LI sensors are connected to cpu



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