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    Default No WELCOME... Just a "bong" :(

    My new interface (3.1) is Very unhappy when both sensors are plugged-in.

    I get the "problem with sensor" (# 2 or 3 depending on which one is not in) BUT if they're Both in, I just get a "bong" noise from the speaker.

    Moving Either sensor into Either port will give the same results

    Gotta be the interface I'm guessing?

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    Default re: No WELCOME... Just a "bong" :(

    Please feel free to call our Customer Support Line (352) 688-0708.

    There is nothing wrong with your CPU. If you disconnect one of the sensors, you will get a Connection Alert which will cease when both sensors are plugged into the proper Ports on your CPU.

    There is something incorrect with your start up Alert which should be a "Welcome" when both sensors are plugged into Ports 2 and 3.

    Regardless of the start-up Alert, your LI is functioning normally.

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