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    Question Ideas for where to install control module in BMW E90?

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I have been using a V1 for about 8 years now. I recently bought a used BMW M3 sedan and decided to get a set of LI's. I've got them installed in the front, but I can't find a stealthy place for the control module where I can hear the alerts.

    I know I can add a external speaker, but I don't know a good location for that either. Has anyone here found a good location or solution for this? Better yet, has anyone found a way to use the radio mute feature on a BMW M3 with hifi?


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    Default Re: Ideas for where to install control module in BMW E90?

    Different car but on my bimmer I had the module mounted under the glove box via super lock tape. No drilling required, sticks on like velcro but 10x stronger and can easily be uninstalled if necessary. It's so strong though its a a PITA to detatch once locked but I see no reason why you'd want to detatch the module once it's installed.

    PS - I actually used these on my front heads as well. They're mounted on top of the jammer heads, against the bumper, and reinforced by zip ties to the mesh grills. Seemed like a good alternative to drilling in the bumper.
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