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    Default Lazer signal device set of jammers?

    Just wondring if one of the hi power lazer signals that are green or red (the real ones that will shine 30 miles in the right condition) will set off the jammers. I have a hand held green lazer (see link) that claims to be seen for 30 miles. They were issued as saftey devices for working here in the arctic that may need to signal aircraft.
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    Default Re: Lazer signal device set of jammers?

    Green lasers are ~500 nm right? Aren't most lidar guns on the order of ~900 nm? And isn't it all about pulse rate?

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    Default Re: Lazer signal device set of jammers?

    Green laser pointers should not set off jammers.

    If you need a tester, you can find handheld testers that emit the appropriate wavelength and pulsate to set off your jammer for 30 or 40 bucks.



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