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    Default Optimal Head Placement?

    When installing the heads, can they be flush against the grill? Or should they sick out about half way? I will be keeping them level and 90 degree's. But wanted to really no how far they should be out.


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    Default Re: Optimal Head Placement?

    I like a balance of aesthetics and function. Assuming all else is correct, the heads perform rock solid when flushed with the grill. But if they protrude, the performance should be better.

    Another thing to keep in mind though, if they are flush with the grill and mounted securely, you will likely never have to readjust the heads. With them protruding, you have to worry about all sorts of objects knocking them out of alignment.
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    Default Re: Optimal Head Placement?

    It's best if the bubble side is flush or protrudes a little (1/8" is fine), just to ensure the bubble has a clear view off-axis. Since most grills are curved, if the heads are straight the bubble side will probably be protruding more than the other side anyway. A slight recess (<1/4") is ok on the transmit (non-bubble) side. Just make sure it has a clear view "up and ahead" in case of overpass shots.
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