The wife made an exit off I-10 recently and was instantly blasted with a laser. She was off the exit ramp and just transitioning to the feeder road and still going the typical exit speed, easily ten miles over the feeder road speed limit, maybe more than that. She did everything right; slow down and kill the LI and then worry about "where is he". The LI clearly saved her a fast driving award and that wasn't the first time.

Yesterday, I was humming along on I-10, heading home, driving along with everyone else, in the left lane with rather heavy traffic and BAM!!!! the LI was singing to me. I didn't even look at my speedo, I just slowed a little and turned the LI off and saw the cop about the same time as I turned it off. The cop hopped into his patrol car and turned on his lights before I even got up to him. I watched him in my mirror after I passed him. He pulled into traffic as soon as he had an opening and pulled the car right in front of him over. Everyone was going the same speed so why not? It happened to be the second car behind me. My guess is that he most likely gave them a ticket. That's a little bit chicken **** as every car within sight was going the same speed within a mile or two. The traffic was too heavy to do otherwise. Just another ass hole cop getting his quota.

The LI will be illegal to use as of a few days from now here in Texas. I don't think the new law will cause the wife and I to cease using them. I may hide them a tad better on my car but I don't anticipate any other change.

Thanks for a great product (LI) and great service (Cliff).