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    Default Anyone else do a Mazdaspeed 3 (2010) front bumper install of LI?

    I did this install (so far untested) and placed the modules as far apart as I could in the top slot (at the top of the smile) without cutting access holes in bumper, but there is still twelve inches from the center of the zenon lens to the center of the modules and the modules are also five inches lower. There is eighteen inches of space between the modules. I know that only valid testing can tell if an install truely works, but i am curious to know if anyone else has done an install on these unigue designed "smiley faced" grills?
    Great site, thanks.

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    Default Re: Anyone else do a Mazdaspeed 3 (2010) front bumper install of LI?

    Need to post a pic of your install..



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