I recently installed a pair of regular (not HP) dual LI's on the front of my dark colored 2009 BMW 335i. Thanks to Cliff for the technical help on the install.

jem58 was kind enough to spend over an hour of his time to meet me in Plano on his day off to test the installation last Tuesday. I'm very grateful for his help and donation of his time. It was well worth it to me and I appreciate it, a big Texas Thank You!!!

Now some details:
Priority 1: Texas new law takes effect Sept 1st that makes laser jammers illegal in this state. So most important to me is a stealth installation as much as possible.....This rules out a vertical installation in the kidney grills which stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not going to post photos for johnny law to see because i know they check out these forums. Let's just say I did a horizontal module install.

Priority 2: Get the install tested to see how good, or bad, this semi-stealth installation works.

How jem58 tested - he had me approach him at 20-25mph starting from about 1/4 mile away. I think he said it was closer to 1200 feet away but you get the picture.
Results of the testing:
Gun 1: First run he used the Ultralite LRB gun and shot the drivers headlight (DL). My escort 9500ix blasted "laser alert" immediately and the LI speaker squawked something that
sounded like ultralite lrb detected. He punched through at 239 feet on the DL.
Next he shot the passenger headlight (PL) and same result in the car but the punch through was at 747 ft. We repeated the PL run a couple of times and got two more punch through readings of 743 and 346 ft.
Then he shot the license plate (mandatory here in TX). He called it center mass (CM). Result was JTG.

Gun 2: Next gun was the PLIII. Same scenario as above with start of 1/4 mile away and speed of 20-25mph. Results for DL, PL, and License plate was JTG for all three.

Gun 3: Last gun was the Stalker. An old one that jem58 likes, so he told me. Results were punch through DL at 506 ft. Punch through of PL at 675 ft. And JTG on license plate.

Just for grins he said lets test my PA switch to see how quickly it turns off the laser jamming and goes into PA mode. I made a run and as soon as he blasted me I flipped the PA switch and he said the gun instantly got a reading.

1.) I'm happy with my install, it is as stealthy as I can make it and with the bright TX license plate up front I'm hoping johnny law shoots it first so I can nose dive the car if I'm over the PSL.
2.) The BMW 335i is a small target, relatively speaking, has fantastic brakes and can drop 20+ mph off in way less than 200 feet, depending of course on how fast I'm going.
If a cop waits until I'm 500 ft away (which I doubt) he would be spotted so I believe most will shoot when you are closer to 1000 ft away or more. I'm betting they shoot the front license plate and therefore my install works fine.
3.) My passenger side was not quite level and is about a .25" recessed back from the edge compared to the drivers side module. I've corrected this so if I retest this should improve the PL punch through results.

NOTE: jem58 please feel free to comment, hopefully what I described above is what you remember also, if not then please correct me.