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Thread: white vehicle?

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    Default white vehicle?

    I asked this over in the placement forum but didn't get a response.

    I am looking at new vehicles and while I like black cars, the one I am looking at also looks very good in white (Kia Soul).

    It is a small enough profile in the front that I think a LI would be able to handle protecting a white car. The back has a much larger profile, so I would like the opinion of other LI owners (including Cliff if he is willing to chime in) if y'all think that the LI would be able to protect a Soul in white even from the back.

    What do you think?
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    Default Re: white vehicle?

    Vehicle for vehicle, black is your best color, white is your worst when it comes to reflected IR. With that said, properly installed, your Laser Interceptor will provide more than adequate protection. The back of that Kia is a Jammers nightmare and my instinct is to mount the sensors directly under those God awful taillights.


    PS: I drive a black car!

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    Default Re: white vehicle?

    Currently I drive a black car too. But I like variety so I wanted to ask before I negated the effect of my LI.

    I will install this as best I can. One thing though - the tail lights are not "square" in the back and really don't face the rear very well. I don't see how I would mount them other than vertically.

    As far as install and testing goes, I would gladly volunteer my car for a LI test if there is ever one done in the midwest.
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    Default Re: white vehicle?

    So white is worst that silver?

    White & Silver are my 2 favorite colours

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    Default Re: white vehicle?

    once installed will work.



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