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    Now I want to get this straight. Is the li able to jam the laser ally? On the web sight it states that the laser ally has been tested against the li but I don't believe it mentions that it is able to jam to gunn. Now for the real question. Does the new li come with lifetime software upgrades if purchased directly from laser interceptor? And the most important question as new software and lidar gun software pop up will laser interceptor email us directly to inform us about the new software. Because sometimes us the user might not know of the software we are using is not protecting us unit we get pulled over...Now all my questions are related to items purchased either directly from li or aa authorized dealer. And they way we can be contacted is thru email,text or phone. Which all this info can be provided when the warranty is registered thru li..

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    Yes, the Laser Interceptor does indeed JAM the new Laser Allie.

    Free Updates for Generation 8 users are always available and are included as part of the purchase and may be found on The Laser Interceptor Website's User Downloads page found here: Laser Interceptor User Downloads When new downloads become available, the information is posted at the top of the User Downloads page. Users should check once a month or so to see if one indeed becomes available.

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