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    Default USB Quick Connect?

    @Cliff or anyone else who may have done/thought of this

    Is it possible to leave the DB9/Serial adapter plugged into the LI "box" and just plug in the usb cable each time i need to update?


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    Default Re: USB Quick Connect?

    Give it a shot!


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    Default Re: USB Quick Connect?

    Thanks Cliff. Also I just had the unit installed today that I received last week and it kept falsing Laser Ally and would only do it intermittenly. twice on my 30 minute drive home when clearly not being lasered. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: USB Quick Connect?

    This is most likely an EMI issue. Try relocating the sensor wires and CPU. If that fails to rectify the issue, you will need to add a DC Line Filter in the 12V line to the CPU from your battery as well as Toroids to the sensor wires as they enter the CPU. One other thing that bares mentioning, one can never underemphasize the importance of proper electrical techniques when doing an installation on a vehicle. One should always seek out the best mechanical ground for the system. A direct line to the battery is always preferred over a 12v source that is shared with other devices (direct to the battery is best). Also, repositioning of the CPU away from possible sources of the EMI (the cruise control computer and associated electrical, etc) is always a good practice.

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    Default Re: USB Quick Connect?

    Hello Cliff. So I ordered the 12V line suppressor and toroids for the sensor wires. I was using the laser testor v4.00 and when using the laser ally after I stop "firing" it continues to sound while every other laser gun on the testor it stops immediately. Does this still sound like an EMI issue when all others seem to work normally?

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    Default Re: USB Quick Connect?

    No, this is not normal. Email me directly at or call our Technical Support number located in my signature below and we can try to trouble shoot it for you.




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