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    Default How to check LI version ? Need to update the software.

    Hello people.

    When I go to the LI official website, I see a whole lot of software I can download for different versions of the unit I assume. How do I know which version of LI I have ? Mine is a Quad unit, and there's nothing anywhere in the manual or product packaging that says what I have.

    The unit is already installed in the car, so taking it out, is not really an option.

    Here where I am (South Africa), the cops recently upgraded their guns and my LI comes up with a error code E-14 on their guns. When this happens they take a photo of my plate with the moniker "Jammed" on the image, and they can then prosecute me "obstruction of justice".

    So, I'm on the prowl for any update that takes care of this problem.

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    Default Re: How to check LI version ? Need to update the software.

    What you need:
    USB to RS232 cable plus associated software installed on your laptop.
    Generation 8 (V.3.3.1 10/11) Communicator software installed on your laptop. Available here:
    Firmware Update Procedure PDF, available here; and/or How to Update your LI Gen. 8 to the Latest Firmware Instructional Video



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