A coworker of mine offered me their LI HP Dual setup for a pretty good price, but I also noticed the announcement on the LI site of the new 2012 sensors, so that got me thinking...

The car is a MKV GTI with a front plate, like this (same color, too!):

Will I be better protected by an LI HP Dual setup that's under a year old or a new 2012 Dual setup? The 2012 kit seems like it'll be more future-proof with the updated sensor designs, but it sounds like the HPs would be better at defending against off-axis and overpass traps. I definitely want something that I won't have to upgrade for a while.

I can't really say I've seen Washington cops using that much LIDAR on the highway. I was hit once, but it was head-on as I crested a hill, LEO was on the side of the highway (at night, with no lights on). Any LI install would mostly be used outside of urban areas.

Thoughts? Pull the trigger now or wait and buy new? After writing this I'm leaning toward a new Dual kit.