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    Default USB to Rs222 cable

    Where can I buy the cable that one needs to download files from L1 web site.(purchased my Li Hp unit march 2011,does my unit need up date for the new laser gun Laser Ally ?) Thanks for all your Help

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    Default Re: USB to Rs222 cable

    Do you only recommend Radio Shack brand ($41.00)

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    Default Re: USB to Rs222 cable

    No, any cable that will work obviously. I gave that link as it is available at any RS for those needing to make a purchase immediately and not wanting to wait for an Internet purchased cable to be delivered.


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    Default Re: USB to Rs222 cable

    Hey Cliff : One last thing i notcied that my Ka band is enable on my LI unit do i need to disable Ka band ?.(THANK YOU AGAIN for all your HELP New file update is downloaded,Voice update is working Great,almost blew a Head Gasket!,AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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    Default Re: USB to Rs222 cable

    The RADAR settings should all be unchecked but you can ignore them if they are.




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