I posted in late 2010 that my LI was acting up. By that time I had owned it over a year, perhaps 2. Customer service was offered by the LI distributor (Cliff) but for some reason the LI just started to seem to be "working" again (the constant false alerts stopped). Cliff had offered that I send the heads in for his testing, but I didn't do that, I didn't want to tear them out of a clean install. I bought a pocket tester, and it confirmed the LI appeared to be working as intended, so I felt somewhat guarded against lidar, but knew I had to be vigilant.

That being said, I'd only hit Ka band traps on the highway for all of 2011, and every time the V1 gave me plenty of advance alert. Not once was my LI tested on the highway in 2011.

In 2011 It seemed to do its job in the city, but hadn't really been tested as I usually knew where the speed trap would be and didn't try to speed into a known trap just to test the LI. Nonetheless, it seemed to work in that I would I let it jam for a bit then turn it off to appease the officer.

Anyway, today on the QEII in Alberta I was driving along and I had pretty much forgotten about the LI when driving that highway (I hadn't been painted by lidar for over a year and a half despite frequent QEII trips between Calgary and Edmonton, usually its Ka band radar). I was going pretty fast, and all of a sudden, I crest a hill, and wham! The LI went off and screamed in unison with the V1. It was the RCMP, not the Sheriff. In Alberta, the Sheriffs use Ka, the RCMP lidar. I hadn't run into a RCMP using lidar on a highway for a very long time.

In a split second I thought of my concerns that the heads were out of alignment, hadn't been really tested in a long time, may have been dirty, might not be truly working, etc. etc.... anyway, within a few seconds I was down to speed and flipped the LI off and hoped it worked. Given how fast I was going, there would have been no warnings had he read my speed.

Success! I got a chuckle thiking about all the drivers behind me, all wondering why the officer did not chase me down. I sailed through the trap, thanked the LI, and then back up to a more pleasurable cruising speed.

I should add, where I was, the QEII is 4 lanes, with 2 lanes in each direction, separated by a large flat ditch between each direction. There are very wide shoulders, the road being mostly flat and straight, and in most cases there is excellent visibility for miles. My driving was fast, but not unsafe for the conditions or the car