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    Default Laser interceptor Placement

    I am going to be installing tomorrow and I studied the diagrams included in the kit as well as on line and I figured my bet bet might just be to ask the forum.

    Basically the diagram included with the unit shows a sports car, which has a relatively short vertical profile in the grill region. I am rocking a toyota tacoma and the potential grill locations are making me nervous. I have included a picture with my thoughts on locations. The blue is the license plate and the green, yellow and purple are the potential mounting areas. I would rather stay away from the purple cause i think the location opens the units up to more potential damage than the others. The green ones are close to the headlights but far from license plate and i know that is a target. The red ones are closer to the license plate but far from the lights. I was wondering what people's thoughts on the better protection would be. My last thought was to put them into headlights themselves to offer better protection from the elements but i don't know if being behind the plastic would negative effect performance.

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    Default Re: Laser interceptor Placement

    Link to pic doesn't work.

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    Default Re: Laser interceptor Placement

    I have a 2009 Tacoma, if you need any second option or assistance i'll do my best to help you, providing you fix the attachment please.

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    The Forum is not allowing attachments. Email me directly at and I'll send you some recommended installation PICS.





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