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    Default Adding external LED to the LI

    Hi all-

    I know it's been asked before, but I'm looking for some additional help.

    I want to add a LED to the A-pillar (most likely) so that it's in my line of sight to alert when the LI is jamming.

    I only want it to light up if jamming, so I believe I need to use the auto-mute wire from the LI as ground, and a 12v source to the other LED.

    Now here are my questions...

    1) Can I just tap into the 12v wire going to the LI CPU box? That way I don't have to run another wire all the way to the actual 12v source (cigarette lighter) which means a lot of taking trim off, etc.
    2) If I can tap into the power wire going to the LI CPU box, which one is it, connection 2 or 6 in the LI diagram? They both state 12v source, just for switch 1 and switch 2.
    3) Does anyone have any recommendation on LED and housing I could use for this? Being able to just stick it on the A-pillar would be great. I'd rather not drill/cut into the trim, but if I have to then I will. Any recommendations would be great as obviously I'm a newbie.
    4) I saw talks of putting a resistor or transistor or flux capacitor in between the LED and 12v source. Is this needed?

    Thanks a ton!

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    Default Re: Adding external LED to the LI

    See attached:

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