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    Default Cliff is best!!!!

    I bought a Quad system back in July of last year and had a problem with one of the heads not working in the sunshine or warm days. I did not have any time to send it in even though I have been told numerous times to send it in. Well in December my main unit speaker stopped working and I finally decided to send it in. I sent it in with videos showing whats wrong with the head and main unit. Cliff hooked me up and as soon as he got my stuff, he sent me NEW STUFF the next BUSINESS DAY and I received it in 1 or 2 business days. Thats from Florida to Oregon. Now that is what I call EXCELLENT SERVICE and he deserves an award!!!

    Thank you Cliff so much. You are the best!!!!

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    Default Re: Cliff is best!!!!

    I agree Cliff takes care of buisness and a joy to talk too. cheers

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    Cliff is first class. He's earned my business for a long time to come.



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