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    Thumbs up Need to test my setup : nj or any local states

    Hello to everyone. Iv read thousands of threads/posts and gained a wealth of knowledge by doing so. Although I've never posted a question here I still want to thank everyone for educating me through responses to others. This is a great forum and have learned a ton from many of you and cliff has been more helpful than I could put in writing. I drive quickly for a living and am in the process of finishing up my newest ride defensively. I've seen that many of you are willing to meet up or rent out guns. Without pming everyone in my area I figured I'd start a thread, delete if I wasn't supposed to. I live in northern nj and travel to and through nj,ny,ct,pa, pretty much daily and as far as va and ma a few times a month. I wanted to see if anyone can help me test my setup, be it renting out a few guns or meeting up with lunch and beers on me. I'm just finishing a few tweaks here and there, but really want to see how my setup stands up before I get a false sence of security. Curious mostly against truspeed as that's new to my playground as well as anything else I may encounter between Boston and Virginia. Not quite sure how you guys normally set this up, but any reply or pm would be great. Thanks to everyone and hope to hear from someone. Thanks everyone

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    PM radarrob



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