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    Default LI on... 1982 VW Jetta with Auxiliary lights?

    Hey there,
    Last year I built up a 1982 Volkswagen Jetta from scratch. Swapped in a newer TDI motor, built up the suspension, sound proofed it, and made it look really nice.

    I'm using it as a daily driver, and this means that I drive it A LOT. Girlfriend goes to Virginia, and I go to school in Philly. This means theres lots of time on the highway haha.

    Anyway, I decided its finally time for some protection. I already hardwired my Valentine V1 with a 52mm concealed display from vgauges. (funny that this gauge isn't really mentioned on the forums at all) Now I'm looking for some protection from laser. Obviously Laser Interceptor is my only choice as the other guys don't really do their job and I've heard Cliff is a really good guy.

    Because of some fabrication issues, I've wound up with a giant whole underneath the bumper that I decided to cover up with some big Hella auxiliary lights. I've marked them where I'll probably put them in the picture attached.

    Now I didn't have any pictures of the front of my car, so I photoshopped one I found on the internet. This car basically looks identical to mine now. (Same color)


    So the question is when I purchase the LI, will it still be effective with the gigantic auxiliary lights situated underneath the bumper? I figured a good placement would be to drill cutouts in the bumper and place them flush inside. But I figure your guys opinions will probably be better.

    Thanks for the help,

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    Default Re: LI on... 1982 VW Jetta with Auxiliary lights?

    I would go with a TRIPLE LI with the third sensor mounted low and in the plate area.

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