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    Default UK LI Purchases : what's the story?

    Haven't posted for a while, so Hi people, hope all is well.

    Yesterday, I was thinking about a refresh of my truck's defenses and buying an LI quad for it amongst other things, so I had a quick scout around and ended up baffled. Cliff's prices were the best (approx 570 in the US with the best combo deals Bel STI R + etc), Christox in Cyprus, Germany and Holland were approx 700. Then there was the issue of who was the UK rep, Christox says he is (but no accessories or bundles), but the UK site (which looks like Cliff's, but doesn't have the STI deal, only the V1 which is no use for RDD in Europe) says he is. I bought my last LI off Christox but that was before Cliff came on the scene and seemingly I can only buy off the appropriate country rep which makes matters even more confusing as I'm in the UK buying for a vehicle which is in Spain (which doesn't have a rep and also hence why I need the STI R+ and not the V1).

    In a nutshell, I can go to the BEL UK site and get an STI R+, but who do I buy the LI off?

    BTW, that 3 head LI model is sweet as.


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    Default Re: UK LI Purchases : what's the story?

    Hi Nomad,

    Both Christos and I sell into The UK. You may purchase you Laser Interceptor from either of us.

    The Bel we sell is a USA Version so the Fixed Camera Database with not work in Spain.

    Please feel free to email me directly should you have any additional questions at all




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