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    Default 2011 Sierra 1500 SLT w/ brush guard install Qs

    Hi guys,

    I am new, been about 2 weeks on youtube and the forums reading. I am in Pensacola FL, FHP is using laser here like its going out of style, i cant find the paper on my last 2 tickets to see the kind but i know one was a laser atlanta, other one LTI? maybe i dunno, doesnt matter but.... pulled the trigger on a LI dual this morning and me and a buddy are going to the Ft Lauderdale boat show in 2 weeks and last year on the way got lased and a ticket in Tallahassee and not wanting to relive that, rather give Cliff the money. Also PPD seems to have just got a bunch of the binocular style lasers and have motorcycle speed traps everywhere.

    I have a silver sierra with a chrome bumper with a black grill guard, similar to the photo (will get a better pic later if necessary) can any one give me some recommendations on placement? Also i saw radar roy had a dual on his f250 with 3m 2 sided tape and i was wondering if i could use that to mount them to the grill guard? as long as theyre level of course right.

    Got to get them in, installed and hopefully tested before the 25th of this month so i may be asking a lot of questions, sorry if i end up being a pain in the @$$ lol

    p.s. if anyone in NW FL with lidar gun willing to test, will provide adult beverage of your choice for consumption afterwards
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    Default Re: 2011 Sierra 1500 SLT w/ brush guard install Qs

    Yes, you should mount them on the most forward part of your truck, namely your grill guard, as shown.

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