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    Default Key update Suggestion

    After recently getting a ticket with my two LI's and the research/conclusion that followed, I found one key flaw.

    I purchased my LI in may, about 6 months ago. 6 months later I received my first ticket, from my jammer being outdated. I was hit with the Laser Alee with the updated firmware. Little did I know that LI came out with an update for this in August.

    With that being said, I think it would be essential that Laser Interceptor could provide their customers with even better customer service than its outstanding service now by producing a mailing list in which any key updates or any important information that needs to be leaked is sent via email to its customers.

    Just some food for thought.

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    Default Re: Key update Suggestion

    Makes good sense, to me. I have all kinds of software that lets me know when there's an update available.

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    Default Re: Key update Suggestion

    As our Communicator program is NOT constantly running like say Windows or Snow Leopard OS and is not server dependent to operate, it of course cannot check for updates nor is it a "linked" OS that relies on a connection to the Internet to function so of course, there is no way for it to handshake to do so. Our Updates, like other companies in the RADAR Detector and Laser Jammer business, also do not have this. Checking for updates is like checking your car's tire pressures once a month or your oil. Users are encouraged to go to our Website's User Downloads page and check for updates. It is located at the very top of that page and in bold red type, gives the date of purchases that need an update. We also do not send update email notifications as this will immediately alert the LIDAR manufacturers, who also purchase and test our devices, that they need to make a change. This is the very last thing we want! Don't you agree?


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    Default Re: Key update Suggestion

    I think LIDAR manufacture still can figure it out since they're in this business.

    I like how Escort Radar sends email updates when new database or new firmware is available.

    But I see your point too. We all want easy of use, yet to be stealthy. Not sure if there is a happy medium there =)

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    Default Re: Key update Suggestion

    an email is all we would need.



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