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    Angry / Hayneedle Problems

    Ok all... I took advantage of the promo that is running for LI gear (free Laser Interceptor laser tester and a free external speaker) with orders till Nov 17th.

    Super excited - however my experience with / Hayneedle has been a complete nightmare so I wanted to let others know.

    I placed my original order 10/14 - completed fine and paid with my credit card. I checked on the order a couple days later and it showed cancled (odd). So i called in and spoke with hayneedle (hayneedle is who runs the storefront). I was informed that the order failed billing and I should use paypal to complete the transaction. I said sure no problem as my credit card is also on file with paypal (I've never had any trouble using this card online/offline or through paypal).

    I re-submitted the order on 11/1 and chose to call-in and pay (since no paypal option exists during checkout). The rep i spoke with told me that yes she would take my information for the credit card and process it manually, she'd call back and confirm tomorrow (24hrs to process). I never got a call back from her. I called in the following day and yep - order processed and was provided a shipping date. Great I thought - finally on its way. I tried to check up on the order since it didnt arrive when they said it would and the order doesnt exist anymore.

    I escalate and they process it a third time on 11/11. I spoke with a supervisor who claims I'm not giving them accurate billing information (which i validated with my CC company before calling). I confirmed that chase (my credit card company) has had no failed billing attempts - hayneedle is just screwing it up. In the process of dealing with hayneedle i was hung up on no less than 4 times. The rep's claim that they are this big comapny yet cant reach anyone in accounting or billing to address this issue. They insist I'm doing something wrong yet the hundreds of other online retailers I deal with have absolutely no issue with my credit card. I confirmed today thay they have a hold on my credit card for the order amount $809 so hopefully the third time is the charm. I'm not holding my breath.

    Based on the headache, professionalism and my experience with hayneedle - and ultimately I would recommend people avoid dealing with them. Its not worth the headache.

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    That sucks!! Hell I would immediatly return to sender (wouldnt even accept it) and get you a REFUND--Im sure they have a refund policy. Then contact CLIFF at Laser Interceptor and buy direct from him as He has same deal plus tell him you a member and get a better price!!

    Or in your case probably has not even shipped yet lol--call and cancel it

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    Default Re: / Hayneedle Problems

    I miss the flexibility of dealing with Roy .... and frankly avoid Hayseed if I can



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