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    Hello Everybody...i havent been on here in years and i have been doing some research and it looks like there are some new laser guns as well as LI upgrades that I would like to get up to speed current LI setup I believe was last updated (the cpu) for the Truspeed...years ago...i saw there are new heads as well that are 115 watts or something compared to the 75 watt ones i have?

    The reason for the concern is tn i was traveling and i was V1 went off but my LI never went off the the guy got me at 72 in a 55 but gave me a bs $54 ticket for unclear license plate (thank you!)....idk wat he shot me with b/c it was at night but I definitely wanna get upgraded here...suggestions?

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    You'll need to upgrade your CPU from a Gen. 7 to the newest gen. 8 CPU to detect and JAM the latest LIDAR that your older Gen. 7 does not.




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