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    Default Installing New LI's Tomorrow AM/Then off to know laser trap :)

    Just drove by today going to the market and was my last drive by today with the current blinder m27's, (which have eaten this leo's prolaser3 up) and looking forward to seeing same results from the new LaserIntercepters and think I will given their results from several testing. I will post pics. The main reason I decided the Li and not blinder came to the size of the m27 hole and how small the hp905 are and it would have looked bad so the Li's are perfect only 1/2 inch shorter than the m27's length wise and much less wide..with nice brackets this should be a fun install tom am. I really love these guys and since I wasnt getting a new car yet, I wanted the protection the m27 didnt give me and yes they jammed every gun I ran into but I had the money and making several trips to south florida and through orlando, tampa, gainesville, it was just a matter of time till running into laser ally or prolaser4, or truspeed s which the m27 doesnt jam 2 of those guns. But I love it and maybe will keep for rear...its only 6 months old and garage kept mint condition and it works.
    So, am excited and will be driving by US1 vero beach where everyday here theres motorcycles shooting prolaser3 between 10-12n. I am hoping to get to test these out for real tomorrow and not just test them with my tester. Anyways, thanx Cliff. Very helpful. Happy holidays guys.(Always kill jammers right away and once I know there recieving and there there daily, I just shut them off period and wait till I pass)
    Since I know the Leo is there I just use the Li as a reciever and immediatly kill the Li turn them off as soon as it identifies the laser and then I kill it right away. The leo knows nothing. Kustom prolaser3 guns dont give any codes and i dont think Li gives jam codes anyways.
    Bottom line I am always very careful not being immature and stupid like some people on youtube and asking for trouble. The worst i will do is even though the police trap is the way i drive home, sometimes i just leave jammers off and drive by other times i let it id and turn off. But i dont jam to gun or anything like that and only would do this if i was forced too. and thats it. I didnt mean to offend anyone cause on an earlier posty the person thought i was jamming to gun the leo and he went off on me screaming it is people like you why texas got laws now making these illegal. So just wanna be clear I dont do this and use these very responsibly. Like the newer phrase is JTK jam to kill. live by the code, trust me i loved my gadgets since 2003 owing bel lp904,905, zr3 shifter, m27 blinder and currently Li dual with current new sensors and newest firmware released ecember 22 2012.
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