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    Default Cliff at Laser Intercepter is simply the best customer service....

    I cant tell you how many times Cliff and I were troubleshooting some emi issues I was having when I first got the dual Li's. Everything from Li was fine, working, laser firing but I was getting some emi interference from somewhere. We both troubleshooted this thing down to everything we could think of. Im an electrician so I know about troubleshooting and how to do it. I obviously wasnt that good of an electrician because after many attemps from moving the ground (finding a new ground with multimeter, sanding the paint off, I mean perfect ground on frame of car, and good 12v source)
    The last day when Cliff sent me an email stating to check the possibility of rerouting the entire cables and try a different route. I didnt think this would work but hey why not. Well this was last friday 3 days ago and not a one false after rerouting away from the cars computer, radio, etc. I got it all away from all emi sources to be safe. Used car looms to protect wires since I was running them different path. Well problem solved. It turns out it was the install and even though we tried everything to solve emi issue, it turned out to be something so small like rerouting the cables. The patience Cliff has and the willingness to help me until we solved the issue. I will be a laser intercepter customer for as long as people like Cliff are still working at laser interceptor. I see so many posts about his customer service and I didnt want to sound like a repeat so thought ide tell you about the 2 weeks of frustration all because I ran the cables to close to the computer of car...Problem solved. Now off in the next month or so to get the unit tested. It responds and reports accurately the different guns from the tester and I have the duals straight ahead and level. Both heads firing properly and now time to test to make sure I dont need to mount the jammers slightly different or not until after the testing. Very happy with the setup though and really like the fact of complete protection from all laser guns today. The area here in Florida has alot of money and they seem to buy the newest toys for the police. Glad to be fully protected once again completely. Thank you guys at Li. Thank you guys on this forum for helping me out as well. If anyone needs anything, help, whatever, please feel free to ask me and I will try to help you out if I can. Thank you again Cliff and will be seeing you again in the future for my laser shifters
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    Default Re: Cliff at Laser Intercepter is simply the best customer service....

    I've seen these comments about Cliff so many times and it never gets old. Just fantastic customer service from that guy! Your story is another great example of how critical competent, caring customer support truly is.

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    Default Re: Cliff at Laser Intercepter is simply the best customer service....

    I've already had numerous questions for him and like everybody has mentioned, I've had the same experience. Super fast response time and detailed explanations. Being completely new to the hobby he's been a HUGE help.

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    Default Re: Cliff at Laser Intercepter is simply the best customer service....

    Nothing but great reviews about Cliff, I can only say the same! He's helped me on the phone and in person-



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