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    Default Going to test the front out and decide to put other 2 Li heads in Rear or up front

    Ill decide on the where to install the 2 new sensors i am ordering from cliff very soon. I am going to test the current setup to see what type results and weakness i have if any on the front. I dont get hit with rear shots here in florida(happened a few times only after he attempted to get a speed on the front and had been tagged in the rear to check his gun) this happened to me maybe 4 times since 2005. All the rest were jtk.
    So i replaced my blinder m27 for the 2 dual Li's and have all current setup. I am buying 2 more sensors within next week or there abouts. When I get my new car, it will be easy swap over to the new car the Li's and will like to have 4 li's up front on the new car.(thinking of the new honda civic) and would put 3 up front and 1 on the rear plate like the zr4. (just in any event I get scatter or passing through a area that hits to the rear of the car. On this car setup, I will simply add a 3rd jammer to the center plate are where theres nothing currently, and keep the 2 other jammers perectly alligned straight level ahead. This will go with my new car as well. On the civic or accord, theres perfect room for either 3 up front or all 4 up front depending on how it tests out using 2, 3, etc. I will like to put 1 on the rear just in case.(may give me a few seconds before he moves the gun to a taillight.) but all depends on how the dual tests out etc, etc.Li before tweek front 12 12 014.JPG
    And after talking with cliff, i will be able to use my dual cpu and simply plug the new sensors in and will work. He also of course suggested to be up to date and current to also be smart and change the cpu in the settings once the jammers are hooked in. I will ask cliff exactly a step by step on how to install the other 2 jammers via setup on the cpu.
    I was able to adjust the cpu sensor settings to-2 with no problems and left everything else the way it was shipped to me. So having the laptop, serial adapter, and already updating cpu with 8.12 firm, and voicepacks, I am very happy and just need to test to see the strength of 2 jammers and decide if 3 or 4 is warranted up front or maybe 3 up front and 1 rear. Open to any and all ideas. Im not able to get them tested till next month prolly early march but would love to hear anyone else that went from 2 dual setup to a quad. Love to hear thoughts on best way to setup a Li quad. I have the 2 up front perfectly straight and level. Any info on what you did with your quad please talk to me. Open to all ideas. Overkill is good in my opinion as I dont wanna chance any unwanted p/t shots. Not if adding another jammer dead center will eliminate this from happening.
    Anyone in the ft pierce area, palm beach, brevard counties that are testing, please invite if you have room and will buy you lunch, etc for a quick test. Just wanna document the testing and compare when I put 3 up front, or all 4 up front...exciting times...just got some other cool gadgets like escort live...this thing is telling me about a lasertrap right now off pt st lucie blvd/becker rd/floresta road. I pass by there frequently and is a huge lasertrap in the entire town. Its like this in spring hill, fl where i have family and when i go visit im guaranteed to run into the hernando county sherriffs using top of the line laserguns, often the latest and greatest on the market.
    One reason I began researching switching out my m27 blinder was what I believed to be a laser ally attack last july 2012 in hernando county off mariner blvd(the gun was a trade mark double horizontal looking glass-like a prolaser3) as far as the lens next to each other are concerned, and the unit was unlike any ive evr seen to this day. all black with a bright red trigger, handhelp with the funny coke bottle side by side lens). The leo was shooting laser in his green uniform and was waiving people over. Well my bel pro300 remained silent as did my m27 blinder(blinder didnt even recognize a direct line of sight hit remained green). (this is why im pretty sure it was a laser ally) the m27 as you know is excellent led based jammer but doesnt jam the laser ally and has trouble with prolite, and another. But at least with the others it has trouble with even though no audible like the Li, to say which gun it is, but the alert never went off. I always had the m27 go off during every attack except that one time. I must say, if not the ally, then what. It looked like a laser ally too. I can recognize the guns really well and have no problem seeing a gun and identifying it. This started me on a mission to protect myself with Li...seems like the top of line protection on the market and I live in florida where every gun is used in this state...just depends on how rivh the city is to determine what guns are in the town...
    I will say most guns today are mixed up alot where in 2005-2008 in palm beach county, almosty 90% of the guns were kustome, prolaser2,3,etc and the lz-1stalker from pbso sheriff.
    Today there seems to be a vast array of laser guns in the arsenal and the kustom guns although still prevalent are starting to have prolite, truspeed among others catching up for a share of the market.
    I love my LI's. Best choice I made and feel safe with all the updates and how current they keep the equipment. The outstanding customer service doent even need mentioning as everyone knows cliff and how good he is at what he does.
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