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    Question Laser Interceptor - UK Sale - Visiting FL March

    Hi All,

    I brought my Laser Interceptor about two years ago now. I ordered it from LI after getting a speeding ticket in the UK.

    Whilst I'm sure it's amazing, as I ordered there were a few court cases in the UK and I got paranoid about installing, plus the UK doesn't seem to have as many installers around me, not like in the US.

    Anyway I'm visiting Orlando for a couple of weeks March / April and wondered if anyone would want to buy off me, if so I would bring with me. It's never been installed, just connected to a battery to check the unit and PC software works, everything is as new, boxed etc with original paperwork.

    I would like to get a V1 or equivalent to bring back to the UK so could maybe come to some arrangement that way. I have seen a few posts about Orlando area meets etc as there seems to be a good user base in FL I wondered if there would be any interest.....

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