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    Default LI functionality question

    I have a BMW edition LI that I have installed in the kidney grill of my car. I got the tester from LI and noticed some mixed results and wondering if anyone has any insight, or if this is standard/known behavior:

    - Unless I point the tester directly at the grill, the LI does not pick it up

    - I can point the tester to other areas of the front such as the license plate or headlights and my Valentine 1 will consistently chime every time, but the LI will only work on occasion (and consistently after clicking the test button 3 or 4 times only)

    Any thoughts on what the problem could be that would have these characteristics?

    As a side note, I drove past a couple LEO's on motorcycles cops last week who were using LIDAR--I clearly saw them point at my car (I was the only one on the road) and fire away, which was confirmed by my V1 going nuts. The LI didn't make a peep. Puzzled, I called the guys at LI and they asked where I live, and after finding out that I'm in the Atlanta area, they said that it's likely they were using a gun that isn't supported, as one of the manufacturers equips local PD with the latest and greatest.

    Would appreciate anyone's guidance or assistance here.


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    Default Re: LI functionality question

    The tester is just that, a tester and is very low power. The V1 alerts to most any IR in the 905 Nm range whilst the LI filters out weak IR signals such as from sunlight and HID lighting. Because it is low powered, you will need to use the tester at close range, depending on the ambient light etc. The tester's limited range in not a reflection of the LI's detection capability but rather its advance filtering.

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    Default Re: LI functionality question

    Thanks Cliff. So no need to worry about the LI functioning here? Just wanted to be sure the installation was ok and that I don't need to necessarily adjust the sensors

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    Default Re: LI functionality question

    If the sensor are not obstructed and have an unblocked view of the roadway head, you should be fine. Email me a PIC of your install and I'll have a look.




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