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    Default Help Needed - Where do I install my LI on my 2010 JCW Mini?

    I have a 2010 JCW mini cooper with a front end that looks like the attached picture.

    Any suggestions where to mount the LI sensors?

    Has anyone done anything cool inside the car in terms of mounting the CPU? What about the Aux speaker? All suggestions welcome

    I am also looking to replace the switches (power and parking assistant) that came with my LI Quad (2011). I want to buy some really small push button switched - does anyone know what I should ask for when I go to Radio Shack or electric supply house?

    Thanks in advance,



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    Default Re: Help Needed - Where do I install my LI on my 2010 JCW Mini?

    See attached recommended installation locations.

    Mount the CPU under your steering column using Velcro so you can perform updates easily.

    The speaker is best located either inside your headrest or in your footwell pointed towards your seat.

    If you install the stock power button neatly inside your ash-tray (assuming you do not smoke). I think you will find it esthetically very pleasing.

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