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    Default How lng after the tester emmitting laser to trest your jammers, should they stay on a

    well, on the blinder m27 the led continued firing for 2-3 secs after a encounter. i notice after this latest look with me looking at time, the laser interceptor heads fire entire time but once jammer is killed or if the tester is killed, the jammers immediately shut 2-3 seconds. I wish i knew but on the last version i could have sworn when i tested them the jammers stayed on 2-3 seconds after but i am more probably wrong here too.
    i just cant wait to reflash(to be safe), test my new car with the new firmware hoping this weekend....and have knoweldge i am g2go. cliff asked me why i buy these if i dont speed. of course i speed but not like i use to. but around town in school zones or around them they sit and wait in the trees its the only proper way to legally fight back and with this new car i am speeding...alot so i need thes lasers working better and more reliable then ever. i love LI. and i now cruising 90-95 on my roadtrips its so smoth so i am officially big speeder now. remember the aveo i couldnt speed on hwy but round town it save dme alt of times when speed limit only 35 or 40 and my jammers let me slow down several tickets
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